Devils Backbone: Virginia’s new ‘green’ brewpub opening soon!


Jason Oliver, former Mid-Atlantic regional brewing director at Gordon Biersch, recently moved to Roseland, Virginia to become head brewer at a new brewpub called Devils Backbone. He emailed me today with some cool updates about some ‘green’ elements being incorporated into the new facility. Here’s the update in his own words:

You will love this place . . . We will open to the public the weekend of November 21, 2008 . . . We have done some neat things with the building.  All of our chairs and tables are made from re-conditioned barn wood by a local company in the Shenandoah Valley.  Our floors are recycled barn wood.  On the upper walls of the restaurant is rusty tin roofing taken from an old chicken coop (it looks really cool).  The roof on the restaurant is a new product that is made from recycled metal that rusts immediately and then seals itself against further oxidation.  We contracted with a local blacksmith for some custom chandeliers and wall sconces.  The chandeliers have hops and hop leafs around the sides with stalks of barley reaching upwards.  The wall sconces have hop leafs and hops. They are really beautiful. The outside siding of the restaurant is local poplar that has been cut especially for us. We are using a local farm for some meat products and it is the farm that picks up my spent grain. I always wanted to be in a position where I could give my spent grain to a farmer who would feed it to his cows which would be served on our food menu.  Neat stuff.

I will have at least 5 beers to open with with and several more coming as they reach maturity. I will have an American IPA, a Hefeweizen, Oatmeal Stout, a Scottish-style 60 Schilling, and an American session beer (low gravity but with a nice hop character). My Vienna Lager, Helles Lager, and Saison will come soon after opening.

Alright! Can anyone say roadtrip?


6 Responses to Devils Backbone: Virginia’s new ‘green’ brewpub opening soon!

  1. Dan Kachur says:

    I can’t wait. Sounds like a really cool place, and not too far from Blue Mountain makes it even better. The local area is really on it’s way towards becoming a true beer destination!

  2. Dan Kachur says:

    I’m kicking myself now for not paying attention to more of the details, but I did notice the metal on the upper walls… it does indeed look cool. And there is wood everywhere, giving the place a very nice vibe. They seem to make good use of natural light, and there is a wood burning fireplace, though while we were there it was burning a bit TOO much, sending smoke into the room. Nice for ambience, but it does make it tough to judge the aroma of a beer.

    The beers were all good. Especially good were the IPA, Scottish 60 shilling and the “American session” described above that I would describe as an American pale ale. Very nice place, even if it is a bit of a hike, and I can’t wait to go back!

  3. pkchop59 says:

    this is a great place the food is great the beer is real good and the brewery is one of the coolest.Dont pass this place up we are getting ready to come back this week.

  4. bydgoszcz says:


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