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It was a quiet day in the office. So I did something I rarely do — crank up the tunes while I work. I was listening to The Briggs. Samantha stopped into my office, heard the racket and commented: “interesting choice of music.”

“Yeah, I’m actually a punk rocker, but people in the office don’t really know that. I used to shave my head a lot. I still listen to vinyl records and rock out at home,” I replied.

Later in the afternoon I decided to finally get a haircut. It’s been several months and it had gotten so long that it was a hassle. I’ve lived in Maryland for three years now (having always lived in the District before) and since moving here I haven’t been able to find a place for a decent haircut, so I get them grudgingly and few and far between. So I tried a new place today, right down the street from the office in Takoma Park. An old school barber shop. It had a good vibe. Couple middle age black guys with pictures of Muhamed Ali’s Rumble in the Jungle, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King on the walls. The barber had handed me a card on the sidewalk months ago inviting me to give them a try.

andy-chris-cityzen1Well, since I haven’t been happy with the five other places I’ve tried in the area, so I tried this guy out today. When I came back to the office, Sam stopped by my office again and did a double take. “Yeah, they shaved my head,” I explained. “Why?” She asked. “Well, I told the guy to go pretty short but I didn’t know he was going to shave my frickin head. I guess it’s kind of funny that I had just been telling you about how I used to shave my head. I haven’t done that for at least ten years. I mean seriously, I could have pulled out the clippers and done this myself, why would I go to a barber and pay for this? Oh well, happy new year.”

That’s why I look like a killer spy in the picture on the left. That’s me and my friend Andy Myers, the sommelier at CityZen (one of the few four-star restaurants in the DC area). Seung took me there tonight for a special birthday dinner. Andy happens to be high school friend of mine so I let him know in advance that we were coming and he pulled some special beers for us — if you know the guy in charge of the drinks you have to make the most of it.

The bottle in the left foreground is Deus. I’d never heard of this — a champagne-style Belgian beer brewed by Bosteels Brewery in Flanders. It was fucking great. More words will only detract.

dales2I proceeded with the Chef’s tasting menu…six courses paired with beers chosen by Andy. He said this was “the first time I’ve ever done a full menu pairing with beers.”

Yeah. That’s how special I am. Hey, it’s my birthday dinner okay — let me bask in the glory.

I really enjoyed getting a can of Dale’s Pale Ale literally served on a silver platter. I could go on and on about the amazing dishes and pairings, but what makes eating and drinking special for me is the company. Seung is my baby. Andy and I used to listen to punk rock together in high school and I think he even shaved my head once.

It was a very good birthday dinner.


6 Responses to CityZen DC

  1. gary says:

    Chris, We miss you. Come to Traverse City to get your next haircut…we’ll take you to Right Brain Brewery where you get a free beer while they adjacent salon cuts your hair.


  2. satjiwan says:

    How’s that song go?
    “Shave as a haircut — two beers!”

  3. timjo62 says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. Dave Bonta says:

    Hey, happy birthday, man! Sounds like you lived it up as always.

  5. brendan says:

    I’ve heard about the correlation between age and hair loss but folks are forever trying to assume causality and I’m sure that this is how those sorts of rumors start.

    Congrats & happy birthday – sounds like you found a barber, not a “salon” – don’t fear the straight razor! I can imagine how you’d get this kind of a cut in winter, asking for it short, almost like asking for a summer-length cut, he’ll assume that you need a high & tight or something similar.

  6. helena says:

    Belated wishes for your b-day!
    Thanks to your post we ranged in the New Year with DeuS, and it’s indeed an amazing beer.

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