Hi Honey, I’m a Home Beekeeper!

What is it about amber liquids? Homebrew and now home honey!

Honey flowing out of the extractor and into Jay's fingers!

Honey flowing out of the extractor and into Jay's fingers!

I started my hive in the spring of 2007. I put it in the back yard of my friend Jay who lives up the street because he has been keeping bees as long as I’ve known him so I figured I’d learn from the master. After the summer of 2007, I let the hive have all the honey so it could last through the winter on its own honey. Then last fall, we harvested! We pulled off five or six supers (that’s bee talk for ‘box’) from my hive and the three other hives Jay keeps. Then we extracted a few of the ones from Jay’s hives.

We planned on extracting the rest soon thereafter, but instead Jay burned part of his house down when he left a giant pot of sugar water (for feeding the hives) on the stove and went to sleep. He and his family had to evacuate for a few months while the kitchen was being rebuilt. During that time, he went to check on the supers that were stored in the basement. Moths had gotten to them and eaten a bunch of honey but he managed to save the majority of it by moving them to a walk-in fridge at the university where he runs a faculty food service program.

Bottles of homemade honey!

Bottles of homemade honey!

He recently moved back into the house and we were finally able to extract the rest of the honey. I took home about 3 gallons of it in a bucket. I let it settle over night so the comb would separate out and clarify the honey a bit. Then tonight I bottled it.

Hooray! My first official batch of home-honey! Sweet! Seriously, it is sweet! I’ve never tasted anything so addictively sweet. I can’t stop scooping finger-fulls of it into my greedy mouth.


6 Responses to Hi Honey, I’m a Home Beekeeper!

  1. Chuck W. says:

    Awesome. I think bees may well be my ’10 project (my ’09 list is full, including going all grain). Best wishes with the bees!

  2. Tim says:

    save us some!

  3. sylph says:

    beautiful! someday I’ll keep bees too.

  4. Siel says:

    Congrats! Now you’ll be putting honey in everything you make 🙂

  5. Easter Vink says:

    Typically I do not publish on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to try and do so! actually wonderful submit.

  6. Hive World says:

    Beekeeper really well informative site about honey, I am impressed with I am a home keeper really useful for all. This beeractivist blog has been updating about hive in the spring, keep it up.

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