Tuppers’ Revived with “Deep Pockets”

Hooray – Tuppers’ is back!

Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale and Pils have long been my favorite DC-area beers. Then in early 2007 Old Dominion was sold  to Coastal Brewing (a conglomerate involving Anheuser-Busch) and the sale resulted in Bob Tupper ending his contract brewing relationship with Old Dominion.


Every couple months I see Bob at a beer tasting and he gives an update on their progress toward finding a new contract brewing partner. Each update gives me reason for new optimism that the beers will be revived – but then months go by and there are still no Tuppers’ beers to be found.

That is about to change. Within the next month, Bob and Ellie Tupper will unveil a new creation: Tuppers’ Deep Pockets. Just a few days ago they brewed this Imperial IPA with Jason Oliver down at the Devil’s Backbone in Roseland, Virginia. They even dry-hopped this sucker with Virginian-grown hops!

According to the Tuppers’ website, 15 barrels of Deep Pockets will hit the market in about a month. Visit www.TuppersBeers.com for details. Woo-hoo! I can’t contain my glee!


2 Responses to Tuppers’ Revived with “Deep Pockets”

  1. Mr. Joel says:

    Good news! Does the name have ironic intent, considering that it was money matters that caused the interruption in brewing?

  2. leodog says:

    “We’re calling it “Tuppers’ Deep Pockets” (because in these hard times we all need deep pockets)” is the quote from Tupper’s website which explains the name.

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