Ohio Brew Week

OhioBrewWeekLast year I visited Ohio University in Athens, Ohio to talk to the folks running their sustainability program and to do a talk on campus about beer and sustainability. My hosts were incredibly nice and the town was friendly and hospitable.

In addition to my “work,” the visit included a late-night exploration of the cramped brew-cellar of Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery (top notch beers and a great back deck), plus a wonderful morning of homebrew tasting at a local homebrew shop, the name of which escapes me now and google fails to find (it seemed like an under-the-radar kind of place actually which made it way fun and also involved tasting some concoctions that most people simply wouldn’t understand).

In any case, we all had a swell time and a number of folks suggested that I come back for Ohio Brew Week.

Little did I know that they’d actually follow up — it looks like I’m in for a return visit! The good folks who run this week-long celebration of suds have invited me to come back and enjoy some of Ohio’s finest. I’ll be speaking at the Brewers Gourmet Feast on Thursday, July 16th at Abrio’s Brick Oven, and at some point I should be doing something with folks from Great Lakes Brewing (a Cleveland brewery with amazing sustainability efforts). Some of my sustainable beer video shorts should also be showing at a local theatre, and of course I’ll be available to sign books on multiple occassions.

Make plans now. Athens is a great little college town with wonderful beer. Come on out and join us!


2 Responses to Ohio Brew Week

  1. Paige says:

    Thanks for loving Athens and Ohio Brew Week! 2009 promises to be a great festival, and we’re looking forward to seeing you! You’ll love Abrio’s – the Brewer’s Feast is always the best meal of the year for me.

    Paige Alost
    Athens County CVB

  2. Gina Geremia says:

    I can’t believe I am going to miss the best time of year in Athens! Athens is a great place and Ohio Brew Week is one of the best festivals celebrating craft brews in the country! I agree with Paige, the Brewers Feast is always an incredible meal. I am sorry I’ll be missing it this year.

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