The Beer Summit

Tom Toles' take on how to fix everything with beer.

Tom Toles' take on how to fix America with beer.

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, and his Vice President Joe Biden, shared beers in the White House garden today with a Harvard professor and a Cambridge, Massachusetts cop. The so-called Beer Summit was an attempt to defuse racial tensions that were raised when Sargent James Crowley arrested the renown Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home.

In my book, Fermenting Revolution, I advocate for using beer in just such a way — to bring opponents together in a friendly and convivial way to resolve their disputes. Beer might not be the answer to every problem, but it sure is worth a try.


10 Responses to The Beer Summit

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Yeah, but Bud Light?! What a sell-out. Or should I say, a cop-out.

  2. TImothy J. O'Brien says:

    Dave you’re right about the Bud Light, but at least Gates had a Sam Adams, yeah it was a light and the cop actually had fake microbrew, a Blue Moon so it’s just Barack who had the no taste….

    I think this shows a need for some more lobbying from the craft brew industry. One account I read was that there was some heavy lobbying by craft brewers but Mr. Middle of the Road Barack chose the corporate route which is not much of a surprise.

    • Dave Bonta says:

      Well, considering how rabidly the shills for the GOP went after him for liking Dijon mustard a couple months ago, I’m sure he figured that ordering anything but a mass-market beer would just prolong what he (rightly) sees as a huge distraction from the real issues.

  3. Ed Reid says:

    I would’ve loved seeing them pouring some local craft brew from a growler. (And the media explaining what a growler is.)

  4. Betsy Ross says:

    You are all believing this staged event, starting with the initial “arrest” itself. Most of those East Coast university professors also belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, and their one world government agenda cannot proceed unless we keep the racial tensions high and the fear factor domestically at a peak in order to facilitate their agenda of instituting really governmental overstep as needed and necessary given the current climate.

    It was given undue media attention, and the timing of this incident in view of Obama’s declining ratings, and that horrible Cap & Trade scam for Wall Street, and now the Orwellian “science based” national health care plan for Warren Buffet and Bill Gates meant they needed a “human” story. And this was all a hoax, that is quite evident.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m not concerned with the politics behind this event or who picked what beer to drink, but I do agree with Chris that if nothing else, this demonstrates beer’s ability to bring people together.

    It’s a wonderful social instrument, and without it, I don’t think many adult males would have any friends. I think it’s neat that you even extend that to bringing about peace among opponents.

    Cheers to that!

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