Blog Is Blocked in China

When I arrived in China, I quickly learned that my blog was being blocked by the government. Last night someone told me how to get around the censorship. It’s taken me an hour or so to finally get it working and now I’m furiously typing this post before I get logged out again. We head to Qingdao today for the International Beer Festival. Hopefully I’ll be blogging from there about beer!


3 Responses to Blog Is Blocked in China

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    All blogs are blocked in China, due to the parent company’s refusal to cooperate with government censors. Hopefully, you still have some Chinese readers using proxies to get around the blocks.

    Hope you’ve been having a good time over there!

  2. Larko says:

    I was going to say the same as Dave above: all of is blocked.

    Another peculiarity with the Chinese censor is that you can post to but not read Blogger blogs hosted in because the latter is being blocked but itself not.

  3. Chad Polenz says:

    What do you expect from a bunch of commie slants?

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