The Revolution in Traverse City

Chris Hartman, revolutionary homebrewer and hop grower, salutes as I preach the revolution.

Chris Hartman, revolutionary homebrewer and hop grower, salutes as I preach the revolution.

The Traverse City MicroBrew and Music Festival was a success this past weekend. The proof is in the picture.

The photo is by the extraordinary Gary Howe who hosted me at his Lincoln Street Suites in Traverse City. Big ups also go to Higher Grounds Trading Company, Traverse City’s all organic, all fair trade, coffee roastery and cafe, who sponsored my revolutionary fermentations at the Festival.


5 Responses to The Revolution in Traverse City

  1. TImothy J. O'Brien says:

    How about a little more detail? I heard Buckwheat got trashed on homebrew and you had to play his accordion and sing all his songs. Then ya’ll got on his bus and smoked some organic hops or something.

    Details please!

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Chris-

    I had a question that’s unrelated to the Traverse City festival but I didn’t know where to post, so I apologize in advance.

    I work in DC and I’m trying to get together an environmental happy hour for co-workers in the city. I’d like to find a bar/brewery that I can advertise as responsible stewards of the environment (perhaps a “featured green beer of the month”) but I can’t find a list of DC bars that has this info. I heard that Founding Farmers was good, so we’ll definitely try that. But there have to be other DC venues as well, right?

    Do you have any suggestions on good venues for this type of event, whether for organic beer or sustainable practices (e.g. LEED certification)?

    Thanks in advance!


    PS. Great blog, it’s fun to read! Please keep it going.

  3. beeractivist says:

    Hi Matt,

    There is a “contact” button in the main menu above, but this works too.

    I’d suggest the Reef on 18th street in Adams Morgan. They do all draft in order to avoid bottle waste and they serve local and organic food and usually have an organic beer on draft from Wolavers.

    Happy happy-houring!

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks, Chris! I appreciate it.

  5. Gary says:

    More like extra-ordinary, but I’ll take the hyperbole. Great to help introduce the BeerActivist to Traverse City.

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