Chicken Wings for the Beer Drinker’s Soul

ChickenWingsLast weekend at the Traverse City MicroBrew and Music Festival, I ran into Bob Maier, who gave me a copy of his book Chicken Wings for the Beer Drinker’s Soul.

The catchy title echos it’s inpiration: the series of Chicken Soup books comprised of heartwarming stories that make you feel better about your life, or in this case, your beer. Bob recasts some of the oft-told beer myths, including the transformation of Enkidu from animal to man by drinking beer in the  Epic of Gilgamesh; and the one about the Egyptian goddess Hathor and how beer prevented her from destroying humanity. Good stories on their own but Bob has a good storytelling flair that makes these short reads a lot of fun.

He also invents some beer myths of his own, including ones about seeing angels while drinking beer in the Mississippi delta, and launching a lawn maintenance company fueled by cheap beer. The last story is title Timmy the Tinkler – I’ll let you connect the dots.

On a more personal note, Bob throws in a story to which I think we can all relate: a beer-fueled teenage romance.

And on a practical level, this slim volume of beer-inspired comfort contains a mittful of recipes as well as the requisite sections on beer appreciation and brewing. To learn more about Bob and to order this book, click here.


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