A Beer Brewed with Unmalted Barley?

Beer brewed entirely with unmalted barley.

Clime8 beer is brewed by the Harboe brewing company in Denmark. The package looks kind of like an energy drink, but that’s not the only unusual thing about it. This beer is brewed with unmalted barley.

It is the product of two and a half years of research that yielded a new enzyme called Ondea Pro created by the biotechnology firm Novozyme.

The enzyme breaks down the starch in barley into fermentable sugar – the same thing malting does. Except malting costs a lot of money, uses a lot of energy, and adds an extra chunk of time and transport into the brewing supply chain.

Clim8 is the first beer brewed with barley processed by this new enzyme. According to Novozyme, Ondea Pro reduced Harboe’s greenhouse gas emissions by eight percent for this beer, hence the name.

I’m eager to try this beer. The package makes it look like some kind of energy drink, and google turns up no reviews of this beer. If it tastes good, this could prove to be a major breakthrough that changes brewing. Otherwise, it’ll just be an interesting idea.

Beer brewed entirely with unmalted barley.


9 Responses to A Beer Brewed with Unmalted Barley?

  1. That’s very interesting! Hoping that you’re the first to get a hold of it domestically for a review!

  2. […] and could not find it posted already. Ha, and yet, the article still remains a mystery. A Beer Brewed with Unmalted Barley? __________________ Doggfather Brewery Planned: Obama Stout, Nut Brown Ale, Czech Pilsner […]

  3. Jez says:

    If looking for beers reviewed, your best shot is ratebeer.com or beeradvocate.com. Get an account and start reviewing.


  4. BRWR says:

    Had chance to taste the beer at Munich Drinktec exhibition. Must tell the truth, blew my mind as I expected all typical grainy flavors … none whatsover. The bitterness was not to my liking (16 BU) and Alc. of 4.6 vol/vol. What a (positive) surprise. The lookss are absolutely awsome – enerby for zero CO2 – this rules!
    I understood they made substantial tasting panels in Germany, Denmark and the UK. Successfully!
    cheers all! brewer

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