Jason Sahler is expanding the beer activism in New York City with his new SustainaBrew blog: The Sustainable Side of Beer.” Hey! I like the sounds of that.

destruise_blackalbert_240 Jason graduated from NYU with a B.A in Sustainable Development in 2007 and has been a fan of craft beer ever since going to Scotland where he first tasted what he calls “real” beer. He is a devout follower of small businesses and anything “slow.”

In evidence of the obvious overlapping interests between Beer Activist and Sustainabrew, Jason appears to have published a post (right as I am writing this) on the same exact topic I was just about to publish myself – about Novozyme, an enzyme claims to allow brewers to use whole barley grain rather than malt!

More on that here in a few minutes. Meanwhile, take a look at this post on Sustainabrew in which brewer Maggie Fuller recounts some of her less-than-appreciated encounters as a woman in the brewing industry.


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