Green Roofs in Bamberg

Getting ready for day two of our Bamberg brewery tour this morning, I snapped the below photos. Two of the dozen or so townhomes in our bed and breakfast complex have “green roofs” on top of their garden sheds. American University (AU), where I now work, also has a fairly large green roof on the Media Production Center (click on ‘celebrate nature’). And I know New Belgium has a green roof on their wastewater treatment plant.

Anyone know of any other university or brewery green roofs? I’m hoping to have a feasibility study conducted at AU to see whether any of our other buildings can support a green roof.




3 Responses to Green Roofs in Bamberg

  1. Chris Cook says:

    Make sure to check out the PV system at Brauerei Spezial in Bamberg. Maybe you can get a photo of that.

    Side question, will cider make a comeback in the US and can drinking cider help save the world too?


  2. beeractivist says:

    Wow! We were at Spezial last night but I didn’t know they had a solar PV system. That’s cool. We’re going to walk by it again today so I’ll look for it.

    I hope cider will make a comeback. I’m certain it would help save the world.

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