What should the title be of my new beer book?

I’m co-authoring a new beer book with Ben Dangl. We’re covering a variety of topics: the politics of big beer companies; labor history of breweries; instructions for making cheap, DIY, homebrew; practical tips for choosing delicious and world-changing beers; cutting edge environmental issues in the beer industry … and more.

Help us choose a name for the book!


4 Responses to What should the title be of my new beer book?

  1. lucy b says:

    still thinking. words/concepts I like: ferment and its variations, the idea of social glue, beer activism, the self-sufficiency of homebrew, the local aspects….obviously I really like your first book title. Maybe you could make it a sequel somehow…fermenting more! fermenting social evolution

  2. How about:
    “Glass half full- American Beer Today”


    “Beer, Politics and People in the New Millennia”

    I think that there is a need to clearly tier the themes of “America” and something that suggests that it’s current (“today”). This book would be about what’s going on now in the American beer and related society. Have to give it more thought.

  3. Andrew says:

    Bottoms Up: A People’s Guide to Beer is too generic.

    Congrats on the new book Chris. Dont forget to let DCBEER.COM write up a quick plug when releases.

  4. beeractivist says:

    Thanks for the feedback Andrew, but … too late! We sent the title to the cover designer yesterday and we’re actually going with exactly that title. Hope that doesn’t prevent you from checking it out. Thanks for the advance invite for pr on dcbeer.com. We’ve got a publication date in about a year.


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