Fig Picking & Fig Jam (a.k.a. FIGJAM)

As if solar panels weren’t enough. The day after the solar PV system was completed we picked our first harvest of homegrown figs.

Well, I call them ‘homegrown’ but that term implies that the people in my home did something to grow them. But that’s just not true. All we did is wait and watch to see when the fig tree in our front yard would produce some fruit. Then, once we saw the birds and squirrels chowing down we figured it was time to pick.

So happens we were having a family reunion right when the figs ripened so I had plenty of help from my nieces, nephews and cousins’ children (are they second cousins or cousins once removed?). And fortunately our friend and neighbor Richard was home who came right over with his ladder.

Richard arrives with ladder and handy fruit picking basket.

My youngest nephew Peter don't need no stinkin' ladder. He climbed right up the tree.

Over at Richard and Andrea's, Andrea and Seung cut of the stems in preparation for fig jamming.

Andrea introduces us to the acronym FIGJAM – Fuck I’m Good, Just Ask Me.

The figs stew for about an hour with a bit of honey. Then they go in jars and get called fig jam.

Next year around this time I’ll have honey from my own hive to add to the fig harvest. Can’t wait.


2 Responses to Fig Picking & Fig Jam (a.k.a. FIGJAM)

  1. That jam will be tasty, I’m sure. We just finished harvesting our Fig tree, although our fruit is a lot darker, almost purple when ripe. Do you have any guides to using fruit like figs in a beer or mead recipe? I am planning to start a hive next year and looking forward to making some sparkling mead!

  2. Ed says:

    Got any figs potables fermenting?

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