Bars Across America: Drinking and Biking from Coast to Coast

This biking and boozing travelogue begins as author John Greenfield cracks open a PBR and his sometimes travelmate Elizabeth downs a Sierra Nevada at Don’s Beachcomber Tavern in Astoria, Oregon after the two cyclists had dipped their rides in the surf near the coastal town of Florence.

Forty seven bars, ten weeks, and more than 3,500 miles later, John dips his wheel in the Atlantic at Revere Beach in Massachusetts, and ends his alcoholic odyssey in the Shipwreck Lounge, a dive bar filled with friendly drunks who assert that they just do “the usual crap that gos on in any small town bar in the U.S.”

John’s trip is testament to the truth of that humble boast.

John’s taste in beer is decidedly equal opportunity, swaying with unpretentious ease from bottles of Bud Light purchased at a convenience store and consumed in a parking lot all the way to imperial pints of house-brewed E.S.B. sipped while seated at the bar of the Livery brewpub in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

John’s street cred is impeccable, both for his long devotion to bicycles as well as his cheerful championing of draught beer. Check out his VoteWithYourFeetChicago blog for more of the former and hook up with the Garfield Park Draught Beer Preservation Society for more of the latter.

Greenfield’s writing style is easy and entertaining, to be enjoyed over a draught at your local dive bar. Order a copy from your local bookstore or get it from any online retailer such as the independent


6 Responses to Bars Across America: Drinking and Biking from Coast to Coast

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  2. …I have to check this book out. It sounds like “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” with booze. Love it!

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