Microbreweries, Maximum Sustainability – Short Film

Two students at George Washington University recently interviewed me for a short film on sustainability and brewing. I think the result is quite nice. Have a quick look.


9 Responses to Microbreweries, Maximum Sustainability – Short Film

  1. […] you don’t think that sustainable brewing is here yet, check out this short film over at the Beer Activist. Breweries like DC Brau, the featured brewer in the video, are becoming more energy and recycling […]

  2. Fedor says:

    Don,It’s nice to see some people veitnrung out of the label thing. I admit that I’ve bought on label, name, or other aspects before but I think of some that I’ve bought just to try. Old Leg Humper is a good example of one that I’ve ventured to try and liked. I don’t care for the name or label but I really enjoyed the beer. I’d love to see the beer you mentioned against Pliny, especially because I don’t think it deserves the sort of accolades it gets. Thanks for sharing a bit[]

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