Brewery Ommegang Fights Fracking in Upstate NY

Brewery Ommegang,  in Cooperstown, New York, is warning that it would relocate if fracking is allowed in the nearby town of Middlefield. According to an article in, court papers filed by Ommegang state that: “Its Master Brewer and Quality Control chemist agree that even if Brewery Ommegang wished to do so, it could not remove many of the toxic chemicals commonly used in hydrofracking, should they be released into the Brewery’s water supply.”

By chance, I am drinking an Ommegang Abbey Ale as I read this article. About ten years ago, I spent a weekend camping near the brewery and passed an incredibly fun and friendly afternoon tasting homebrews and Ommegang brews with their then brewmaster, Randy Thiel, who was so hospitable that he even treated us to dinner.

Good for Ommegang to stand up against fracking. I hope their participation in the lawsuit helps end this dangerous and backwards practice. Read the full article here.


4 Responses to Brewery Ommegang Fights Fracking in Upstate NY

  1. Jeremy says:

    It is almost impossible for fracking on its own to lead to water contamination. The problem is really poor well construction and best practices not being applied. If Ommegang really wanted to help, it would be calling for proper regulations of the construction and operation of the wells. Not an end to fracking.

    There is a great Q&A with Prof. Mark Zoback about this issue:

  2. Ed says:

    Zoback has extensive financial ties to the natural gas and oil industry. His opinions are not unbiased and he should be not be considered a credible source for anyone seeking untainted information.

    Zoback is senior advisor to Baker Hughes, Inc., a Houston-based oilfield services company engaged in fracking.

    Zoback also is chair of GeoMechanics International, a consulting firm that advises on various oil and gas drilling problems and that was acquired by Baker Hughes in 2008.

    For more information on fracking, see the Environmental Working Group page in it:

  3. Chris, thanks for this post – I’ve put it on my little website/blog and promoted Beer Activist there as well.


  4. devonaedwards says:

    Chris, thanks for the post. I’ve included Ommegangs work in my database of green beer companies,

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