Seven BridgesI’m part owner of Seven Bridges, the world’s only purveyor of all organic brewing supplies. We also sell organic and fair trade green coffee beans and home-roasting equipment.

Visit us online at www.breworganic.com.


9 Responses to Homebrew

  1. Gabriel.M says:

    I am just a starter in beer making. I am very interested in making pineapple beer. Any help?

  2. beeractivist says:


    I tried making a pineapple flavored ale once and had disasterous results. However, if you’re trying for something even more adventurous, here is a recipe for a fermented pineapple drink from Zululand in South Africa:

    I brewed it with a friend there and was actually happy with the results. It’s not “beer” in what you might consider the traditional sense, but it certainly was a highly drinkable alcoholic beverage.


    • I tried making a “paw paw” beer. I’m pretty sure it’s Ohio’s state fruit. It didn’t go very well. I’m not really cut out to brewing with anything other than barley and hops…

      I stayed in Botswana for about a month and I was given this drink that was basically fermenting corn. It was kind of reminiscent of spoiled milk.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I enjoy your blog. I’m a homebrewer, too, recently making the switch to “all-organic.” I wish 7 Bridges was closer (300+ miles!), the shipping costs for malt are going to kill me! 🙂

    Saving the world one organic beer at a time,

    –Mark O’C

  4. Homebrewer says:

    Hey, just started a new Home Brew Beer site and I came across yours as well. I really like the layout and the articles are good too 😀

  5. Steve says:

    Dear Beer Activist,

    I live near a homebrew store where malt extract costs me about $45 per 5 gallon batch. I can buy malt extract on-line for $19 per batch. It sounds like a no-brainer that I should buy it on-line, but I want to support my local store. For one thing, if I notice that I need something on brewing day, I like being able to run to the store. What should I do?

  6. Dovi says:

    URGENT pls: can pineapple beer kill you when it goes ‘milky’? It taste a bit bitter as well. Used cold water, 2 whole pineapples, 500g sugar, 1 yeast = 2 weeks opening lid every often day.

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