COOP Ale Works

January 17, 2012

COOP Ale Works looks like they are trying to deal with sustainability issues in their brewery. Their promo video is well done and they seem to be making some efforts by purchasing using wind power, for example.

I do wish though that when breweries claim to use “No additives, no chemicals, no preservatives” they would understand that if they are using conventional grain and hops they are using products produced by many added petrochemicals.


First LEED Certified Brewery?

January 9, 2012

Yesterday, Jason at Brewery Vivant emailed me asking if I knew of any LEED certified breweries. I was stumped. So I checked the LEED Project Directory. In the project name field, I typed in the search word “brew” in order to account for projects that might have the word brewery or brewing in them, and clicked sort.

The resulting list included what seemed to be entirely projects in the redevelopment of what were once brewing neighborhoods. The only project that looked like a active brewery was Brewery Vivant itself.

So, does anyone know of any LEED certified breweries?